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Here at Country Bulls we strive to breed the all around Bulldog. Health first, standard breed characteristics and the loving temperment. Pedigrees are also important to us so your puppy will be an AKC registerable English 
Bulldog puppy.

We use only AKC Bulldog Studs. We believe AKC puppies are the finest available anywhere. It takes more time and effort but we know it is worth it.
Dogs are no strangers to health problems but we have been fortunate to have extremely healthy English Bulldog puppies. Although we look constantly for that perfect show dog for ourselves, we also recognize the desire for just a wonderful loving dog.
We encourage you to read about Bulldogs, go to dog shows or visit breeders and ask questions. We want you to know that buying a puppy from even the most responsible breeder does not guarantee your dog’s health. It is a fact of life that even the best breeder can not escape.
Here at Country Bulls we try very hard to be the best possible support system for Bulldoggers. If we don't know the answer we will make every effort possible to find an answer. Sometimes we are able to help find GOOD Bulldog vets or other needs. We know how much good mentors can help.
These Bulldogs can provide you with years of companionship and love. They have grown to be a part of our family and we can not imagine our life without them.
We have seen so many of our puppies go to loving, caring homes as well as show homes. We have made so many new friends that have enriched our lives and we feel very fortunate.
We hope you enjoy looking at our babies,
If we can answer any questions or help just let us know.

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  Puppies for the PET OWNER or the SHOW ENTHUSIAST for 20 years.

Emails are a great way of communication and we welcome them anytime but sometimes it is much easier to get all the information via land line.

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We are happy to hold a puppy for you to insure your pick. It requires a deposit of $300. The hold will start when we receive your deposit. To make it easy and quick we have provided a PayPal link. We will work with you on other ways if you need.  

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George x Strawberry  litter - DOB 12/13/19
WE have one cream male French bulldog and 
one brindle female available!
call for info 417-327-7677
George and Garnet’s available puppies!
DOB 10/01/2021
call for info 417-327-7677
George and Garnet female!
DOB 10/01/2021
call for info 417-327-7677
George and Garnet male!
WALTER - pending
DOB 10/01/2021
call for info 417-327-7677