Country Bulls
1870 E. 530th Rd.
Pleasant Hope, MO     65725

Country Bull's health agreement is as follows:

Country Bulls guarantees that the dog is in good physical health on this day of purchase.
Buyer's have 72 hours to take dog to veterinarian of their choice. Dog should be checked
at the time to buyer's satisfaction for imperfections, disease, and health of dog. After this
Country Bulls responsibility ends. Failure to take dog to veterinarian by said 72 hours
ends Country Bulls responsibility. Country Bulls should be contacted with results of
health check. If dog is found to be unfit for purchase due to illness, disease, or congenital
disorder, must be informed IMMEDIATELY. Buyer pays all shipping costs involved in obtaining a refund or replacement puppy. Country Bulls will not be responsible for any veterinarian fees or costs.
Then after return of dog and AKC papers, the price of dog will be returned or exchange for a dog of equal value. Dog must be returned to Country Bulls for return of money or dog exchange. If dog is
not returned to Country Bulls NO COMPENSATION will be paid to buyer. Buyers acknowledges
the health agreement and agrees to have dog checked or accept dog as is. __________

There is no guarantee or warranty that the buyer will be able to show or breed the dog
regardless of show or breeding potentials. ________

I agree to not sell this dog or any puppies from this dog to a commercial breeder, broker, pet
store, or auction. ________

This agreement is valid for the original buyer and dog, and is not transferable. _______

I, the buyer have read this contract and understand fully the contents thereof and acknowledge
receipt of it. I also agree that any legal dispute will be settled by the laws of Polk County
Missouri, and in a court in Polk County Missouri. ________

If a deposit is placed on a dog I understand it is a nonrefundable deposit and the remaining
balance is due before the dog is picked up or shipment is made. _______

Purchase Agreement
Buyer's Name:__________________________Date:_____________
Sex Of Animal________Delivery  Method____Airline___Pick up
Signature Of Seller______________________Date___________
Signature Of Buyer______________________Date___________